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As some of you may have heard, there are changes afoot with the Stringtown Ambassadors. We are restructuring toward becoming a rotating collective, while maintaining our groove as passionate and unabashed modern-day minstrels. For the coming months, the Stringtown Ambassadors collective will be hosted by Northern California fiddler, singer and songwriter Rosalind Parducci.
Esteemed Vice Chancellor of the Mandolin, Arlo Blaisus, remains our talented & dynamic Ambassador on the east coast, currently back in Asheville NC.
Some excellent new developments:
We are excited to bring you new energy through collaboration with great artists in the coming months!
You may have heard us talking about a distinguished banjo chanteuse from California’s central coast... Erin Inglish will be joining Stringtown as an Ambassador for several performances this September. Keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations between Stringtown and Inglish: we will be putting out the word on our fall tour dates soon!
The Stringtown Ambassadors continue to be devoted to bringing you fantastic Old Time dance tunes, new-folk originals, and fearless picking. We are excited to evolve further in our creative direction, and are so grateful for all your enthusiasm and support!
Please stay tuned for tour dates in your area!

We would like to introduce our new friend, the talented Erin Inglish, who we had the pleasure and good fortune to meet this past winter! We will be collaborating this fall as Erin Inglish w/ the Stringtown Ambassadors- more to come on this front, so keep your eyes peeled! A little about Erin: she is a tour-de-force banjo chanteuse, a thoughtful wanderer steeped in the thick of California's music scene. Her performances have dazzled audiences across the country and around the globe with her brilliant lyricism, toe tapping grooves, and striking reflections about the state of the modern world. Erin's voice is both lush and raw, and her picking style on the five-string banjo is uniquely her own...expressive, sassy, dynamic.
We are so looking forward to making music together on our tour from October through December! The video (linked below) features our trio on an original piece by Erin, a redux of the song "This Machine Is Ready To Roll". You can find more about our collaboration at the Erin Inglish w/ the Stringtown Ambassadors Bandcamp page.
Check Erin's sound out at:
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